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There is a lot of info on this page.  Please look through all of it carefully as much of it may be of interest to you! wg

Purchasing an Assembly or a Rebuild? PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

Fill out and send in our CUSTOMER ORDER FORM.  Check your assembly to verify if there is an accelerator pump or the assembly is painted.

We will send an invoice through Paypal or send an email invoice for a bank, cashier's check or money order.  We much prefer bank or cashier's checks over money order due to ease of processing.  We have temporarily suspended acceptance of money orders.  Bank, cashier's or personal checks MUST be made out to:

          GEORGE LESHO 

 We require immediate payment of PayPal invoices at the time of your receipt.  Please don't fill out a Customer Order Form unless you are prepared to pay.   Non US customer MUST use PayPal.

Your work order will be placed into our work queue as soon as payment is received. Orders are processed in the order payment is received. It can take a few weeks to a few months to complete your order depending on the amount and type of work in front of your order.  Our business tends to be seasonal and you can expect longer waits at our busiest times of the year (early spring through mid-summer).   If you are in a rush, we may not be the right solution but we WILL try to work with you on preparing the order by a specific date IF you can provide us with a specific and valid reason.

Please read our IMPORTANT SHIPPING TIPS write up below and ship your carburetors.  Once your order is complete, you will receive tracking for the return shipment.   


If you decide that your don't want your carburetors rebuilt while waiting for the work to begin, or you purchase a set of carburetors and then decide you do not want the carburetors we do not offer refunds. Each order is considered a custom order due to the age of the carburetor assembly, the varying conditions of the carburetor assembly and the fact the assembly can no longer be purchased new in most cases and once placed, CAN NOT be canceled for a refund.  Sorry. Once you place and  pay for your order, this is a contract for work. 

If you have a problem with a set of carburetors we rebuild for you or we sell you, contact us PROMPTLY (during gaurantee period) and give us a chance to resolve the problem.  We do not offer refunds on carburetor rebuilds or carburetor sales. 

Shipping Info 


wiredgeorge Motorcycle Carburetors
219 County Road 2701
Mico, TX. 78056-5335 USA
TELE: (210) 413-1916


  • Send us a note telling us the carburetors were shipped; if sending in a core exchange assembly PLEASE WRITE ON THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR BOX: CORE

  • We will send a note telling you the carburetors have been received. When we finish work on your new set or your rebuild service, you will receive an email with FedEx tracking information for US or for overseas customers, a USPS customs number and will be provided.   Foreign customers are responsible for all duties or brokerage fees.

  • We appreciate you NOT repeat NOT using popcorn type packing material.   Do NOT use airbags as these are always collapsed.  DO NOT use architechtural insulation (NASTY) for packing.

  • If you put a bank check, cashier's check or in the parcel, don't put it where it can get cut when the box is opened; make sure it is signed as well.  Please, if you pay by bank check, cashier's check PLEASE SEND A TRACKING NUMBER WHEN YOU SHIP.  Make out  bank or cashier's checks to GEORGE LESHO. 

  • If you use a commercial service to ship your stuff; such as a UPS store, make double sure you include your name and other identifying info inside the parcel. It is almost impossible to track the parcel back through those places to figure out whose shipment it was.

  • Canadian customers PLEASE pad the inside of the box you ship in with wadded newprint and wrap the carburetors in bubble wrap, if possible.  The Canadian Postal service uses your parcels as hockey pucks (obviously).  Same is true for my Hawaiian customers... these parcels usually come in very beat up.

  • Please take off any hoses, filters, cables, carbs holders (rubber intake manifolds), etc. you wish to keep as we will likely lose these items and can't ensure they will be returned with your carburetors.   Leave brackets that attach cables to the assembly while removing the cables.

  • Single round slide carburetors or round slide multi-carbs that have throttle cables directly attached to the slide; please remove the cable and put the slide(s) and top back on; these must be rebuilt to include new orings, new jet needles, etc.  
  •  DO NOT use signature confirmation!  

  • If you use the USPS, DO NOT USE Priority Mail Large Flat Rate boxes for shipping four cylinder carb assemblies.  These boxes are NOT big enough to allow for adequate padding and frequently are badly damaged on receipt.  Find a somewhat bigger and sturdier box and pad well using balled-up newpaper.
















Turn Around Time For Work?

wiredgeorge Motorcycle Carburetors knows you want your carburetors as quickly as possible. We work diligently and turn out orders as quickly as possible.  I WILL NOT compromise quality.  Each year the company has been in existance, the workload has increased because our good reputation has grown in the vintage community but please, if you are looking for quick work, we may not be the right business as we stress quality over speed. 

PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY:  I don't send out status reports or time estimates for when an order should come up in our work queue.  Since each order is different and has different issues, time varies quite a bit with each order.  Check our CURRENT WORK QUEUE for the status of your order.  We will try to keep the content of this page up to date. 

Return Shipping and Handling Costs?

For US Customer:

Return shipping is included in the price of a rebuild/sale for customers in the continental US.  For customers in Hawaii and Alaska, add $20 to the rebuild/sale price.

For Canadian Customers:

Please use the Canadian Postal Service for sending carburetors to us. We are aware that using UPS is not cost effective for you.  Other means of shipping incur brokerage fees.

We use the USPS Priority Air service to ship to Canada.  We do this to avoid brokerage house issues and fees.  Shipping to Canada is $85 (price for USPS Priority Air International has gone up).

For International Customers:

We offer shipping to most countries, depending on US and host country regulations.  Shipping overseas can be a problem due to Covid-19 and pricing will vary since USPS prices have gone up; we will advise your if shipping is possible and how much the shipping charge will be based on the country shipped to.  Shipping times vary and are based on USPS information at  US Postal website

If you insist on shipping from overseas to our location by UPS or FEDEX or any other means that will incur brokerage fees, YOU will be totally responsible for these fees.