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There is a lot of info on this page.  Please look through all of it carefully as much of it may be of interest to you! wg

Purchasing an Assembly or a Rebuild? PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

  • Fill out the CUSTOMER ORDER FORM on our website or send us an email to get the ball rolling if you need more information.   The most common error is usually with VM series carburetors; if you don't know what an accelerator pump is, please let us know and we will instruct you so the form is filled out correctly. In short, the #2 (count left to right as you sit on the bike) float bowl is quite a bit different shaped and longer and there are small hoses between the four float bowls on an assembly with an accelerator pump.  On CV type carburetors the accelerator pump is usually on the #2 carb bowl as well and has a thin rod that contacts the throttle bellcrank.   That #2 bowl will also be different than the other three.
  • Once we are sure we have the appropriate information, we will send an invoice through Paypal or send an email Money Order invoice.
  • We require immediate payment PayPal invoices at the time of receipt.  If the invoice is not paid within a working day, we will query you to find out if you had received the invoice.  To be honest, I hate being a BILL COLLECTOR so if we have not been paid promptly after we have sent this query or have received your response, the invoice will be cancelled.  If you still wish carb service/purchase after that, there will be a $25 charge added to the next invoice (on top of carb service/purchase) to recompense us for having to follow up since immediate payment is a condition set out in the Customer Order Form.  Please don't fill out a Customer Order Form unless you are prepared to pay.
  • Your work order will be placed into our work queue as soon as payment is received. Orders are processed in the order payment is received. It can take a few weeks to a few months to complete your order depending on the amount and type of work in front of your order.  Our business tends to be seasonal and you can expect longer waits at our busiest times of the year (early spring through mid-summer).   If you are in a rush, we may not be the right solution but we WILL try to work with you on preparing the order by a specific date IF you can provide us with a specific and valid reason.  In other words, if you are showing your motorcycle at a bike show, with a SPECIFIC date, that woiuld be a reason to bump you up in our work queue.  Just wanting to ride the motorcycle is not sufficient reason to put your order in front of others who have waited longer.  We will be the final decision maker on whether your request for SPECIAL EXPEDITED processing is valid. 
  • If you have selected the rejet option on your Customer Order form and know your bike has an aftermarket jet kit, especially with VM or BS carburetor assemblies, please include the original jet needles if at all possible.
  • Pack the carburetors securely, making sure you drain all gas and remove all hoses, carb holders aka intake manifolds, air filters, etc.  This does NOT mean you should attempt to disassemble the rack and remove joining brackets, etc.  If you ship the assembly in parts, some are surely going to be lost.  If  you have a single vintage carburetor, try to remove the throttle cable if  your cable enters the carb top and replace the top and spring so we can clean the top, replace the gasket and jet needle.
  • We HIGHLY recommend you not use USPS Priority Air large flat rate shipping boxes for four-carburtor assemblies (OK for triples, twin and single assemblies). There is insufficient room for padding the carburetors and the boxes ALWAYS arrive with the carburetors protruding through the box and sometimes damaged.  If you use a box, make sure it is large enough to surround the carburetors with packing material such as wadded newspaper.
  • If you get the urge to keep your carburetors especially safe and design special wooden, hard plastic, metal or other heavier or larger than normal shipping containers and you want us to use to return your carburetors in this container, we will use your shipping container but will NOT be responsible for damage and will charge you for any cost over what we would have spent using our own shipping material plus we will pay for the maximum amount of insurance available and then send you a bill for the total amount we incurred for return shipping which will be paid before we release the parcel.
  • DO NOT use insulation (normally used in walls) as it contains stuff that is nasty.
  • Please put a note showing your full name, address email address and phone number inside the box containing the carburetors.If you use a money order, place it in the box as well. Place the money order in the box where it isn't likely to be cut when the box is opened! US Postal Money Orders are safest in the event payment is lost or stolen in transit. Please sign the money order! Make money orders out to:

wiredgeorge Motorcycle Carburetors

Buy It Now Bargain purchases are made according to the terms on our Buy it Now Bargains! webpage and these terms differ slightly from normal rebuild/sales terms so read carefully!


United States customers: We accept money orders or cashier's checks.  NO personal checks.  US Postal Money Orders are preferred and this is for your safety.   We accept credit and debit card payment through our processing partner, PayPal.  When you wish to use a credit or debit card, we will send an invoice through PayPal, and they will send you an email with a secure link used for payment completion.  We ask payment be made upon receipt of the invoice.  wiredgeorge Motorcycle Carburetors does not see or store financial information.  If you don't have a PayPal account they will send instructions on how to complete payment.

NON-US customers:  PayPal only!  Foreign money orders or bank checks or cashiers checks take MONTHS to clear.  PayPal also handles the currency exchange acceptably.  


If you decide that your don't want your carburetors rebuilt while waiting for the work to begin, or you purchase a set of carburetors and then decide you do not want the carburetors we do not offer refunds. Each order is considered a custom order and once placed, can NOT be canceled for a refund.  Sorry. Once you place and  pay for your order, this is a contract for work. 

Each order we receive is a CUSTOM order in that it is tailored specifically to your needs based on the information you provide when you fill out a CUSTOMER ORDER FORM.  Each set of carburetors, be they your carburetors you contract with us to be rebuilt  or a set you purchase for your motorcycle specific for the year, make and model of that motorcycle is considered CUSTOM work.  These items are no longer available in new condition through retail outlets.  These are vintage carburetors, most are over 30 years old and can no longer be purchased new off the shelf.  Remanufactured assemblies of this sort can only be purchased from a business, such as wiredgeorge Motorcycle Carburetors and only through our website.  

If you have a problem with a set of carburetors we rebuild for you or we sell you, contact us PROMPTLY (during gaurantee period) and give us a chance to resolve the problem.  We do not offer refunds on carburetor rebuilds.  

Quotes for rebuilds where the price is currently listed in our REBUILD page are good as long as the prices on the REBUILD page remain the same.   If prices change, the quote is no longer valid.   Quotes for carb sales are similiarly good for as long as the prices on our SALES pages are in effect.  If these prices change, the quote is void.  If a carb assembly sale price is quoted but is NOT listed, this price is generally based on our purchase of an available rebuildable core set and this quote is valid for the period of time we state in the quote; normally no more than a week as the core set in question is for sale and not be available indefinitely.  If the core set the quote was based on is sold elsewhere, this will void the quote and we will have to locate another rebuildable core and provide a new quote.

Shipping Info 


wiredgeorge Motorcycle Carburetors
219 County Road 2701
Mico, TX. 78056-5335
TELE: (210) 413-1916


  • Send us a note telling us the carburetors were shipped.

  • We will send a note telling you the carburetors have been received. When we finish work on your new set or your rebuild service, you will receive an email with FedEx tracking information for US or Canadian customers, a USPS customs number and will be sent by USPS when shipping occurs for your order on orders that must travel by airplane over an ocean.  Foreign customers are responsible for all duties.

  • We appreciate you NOT repeat NOT using popcorn type packing material. It is hard to dispose of in a rural environment and currently covers several acres of my property. It doesn't seem to disolve or blow away.

  • NEVER use the little airbags which seem to offer great protection. Seventy five percent of those bags are flat by the time your parcel arrives and it is usually rolling around in the plastic and the carburetors damaged.

  • Do NOT use architechtural insulation as it is nasty stuff to pad your box containing the carburetor assembly!
  • If you put a money order in the parcel, don't put it where it can get cut when the box is opened; make sure it is signed as well.

  • If you use a commercial service to ship your stuff; such as a UPS store, make double sure you include your name and other identifying info inside the parcel. It is almost impossible to track the parcel back through those places to figure out whose shipment it was.

  • Canadian customers PLEASE pad the inside of the box you ship in with wadded newprint and wrap the carburetors in bubble wrap, if possible.  The Canadian Postal service uses your parcels as hockey pucks (obviously).  Same is true for my Hawaiian customers... these parcels usually come in very beat up.

  • Please take off any hoses, filters, cables, carbs holders, etc. you wish to keep as we will likely lose these items and can't ensure they will be returned with your carburetors.

  • DO NOT use signature confirmation!  If we are at lunch, I am out running an errand, in the media blast cabinet, or in the office, I WILL NOT hear the truck come up nor will I be available to sign.  We have accepted THOUSANDS of parcels over the past years and have never lost one.  If we are not there to sign and the parcel comes back to you, you will end up paying shipping a second time as we make this as clear as possible: NO SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION!

  • If you use the USPS, DO NOT USE Priority Mail Large Flat Rate boxes for shipping four cylinder carb assemblies.  These boxes are NOT big enough to allow for adequate padding and frequently are badly damaged on receipt.  Find a somewhat bigger and sturdier box and pad well using balled-up newpaper.

Turn Around Time For Work?

wiredgeorge Motorcycle Carburetors knows you want your carburetors as quickly as possible. We work diligently and turn out orders as quickly as possible.  I WILL NOT compromise quality.  Each year the company has been in existance, the workload has increased because our good reputation has grown in the vintage community but please, if you are looking for quick work, we may not be the right place for you to do business with as we stress quality over speed. 

PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY:  I don't send out status reports on time estimates for when an order should come up in my work queue.  When I attempt to make time estimates, I can easily end up disappointing a customer because I never know what issues will turn up with any specific set I am working on so PLEASE don't send emails or call requesting a status.  Check our CURRENT WORK QUEUE for the status of your order.  We will try to keep the content of this page up to date.  If your order doesn't appear in the queue yet, the order just hasn't progressed far enough for it to show up.  We haven't lost it nor are we ignoring it, we just haven't gotten that far along yet.  PLEASE refrain from asking for updates via email or phone.  It takes MUCH of our time answering the same when we could be working on orders.

Return Shipping and Handling Costs?

For US Customer:

Return shipping is included in the price of a rebuild/sale for customers in the continental US.  For customers in Hawaii and Alaska, add $20 to the rebuild/sale price.

NOTE!!! If you ship carburetors to wiredgeorge Motorcycle Carburetors and fail to pay for a sale or rebuild and would like us to ship your carburetors back, remember that the return shpping charges on this page are for CUSTOMERS ONLY. Since it takes time, effort, gas money and packing material to ship your carburetors, we will require a $50 shipping and handling charge for continental US return shipping, $75 for Canadian return shipping and $125 for other foreign county return shipping.  Thanks for your understanding.  If we request you pay this shipping and handling charge and you do not respond within 30 days, with the payment, your carburetors are considered abandoned and will become our property.

For Canadian Customers:

Please use the Canadian Postal Service for sending carburetors to us. We are aware that using UPS is not cost effective for you.  If you use FedEx, use ground service so there is no signature requied on my end.

We use the USPS service to ship to Canada.  We do this to avoid brokerage house issues and fees.  Shipping to Canada is $50

For International Customers:

We offer shipping to most countries, depending on US and host country regulations.  Generally, we add $100 for any country serviced with USPS Priority Air shipping except those we note as exceptions.  A few countries are VERY expensive to ship to and these include Australia, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand and Pakistan.  Other countries also may fall into this category and we will have to let you know after checking shipping costs.  Shipping to these countries is based on actual current estimated shipping costs.  If your location falls into this category, we will let you know how much shipping will be.   We will add insurance based on the value of the parcel.   Maximum insurance values vary by country.   Shipping times vary and are based on USPS information at  US Postal website

The cost of overseas shipping has gone up since the new LARGE FLAT RATE Priority Air Boxes are too small to safely ship a set of carburetors; using our packing causes the rate to go up almost 100 percent from the past when we were able to use USPS Large Flat Rate boxes.  Sorry. 

If you insist on shipping from overseas to our location by UPS or FEDEX or any other means that will incur brokerage fees, YOU will be totally responsible for these fees.  PLEASE use the postal service of your country.   Also, Fedex generally requires a signature when shipping using one of their air services and we may not be available to sign when they show up in the middle of the night.  If they can't deliver and the parcel comes back to you, we will not be responsible for any additional charges.

All overseas payments must be made in US DOLLARS via Paypal. We DO NOT accept foreign money orders, even if made out in US$. These become "collection items" and require us to fill out extra paperwork on our end and take four to six weeks for the funds to clear. If you can not set up or do not have a PayPal account, we can NOT accept funds in any other manner! Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

Please note: We value our overseas customers and their business but we will not falsify or misrepresent information on Customs documents. We feel that honesty is the best policy. Always. wg