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Prices listed below are for the assembly (not a single carb)


  • Total disassembly of all components
  • FULL internal/external cleaning; media blast, ultrasonic and manual
  • Remove OEM paint ($80 - repaint upon request - not recommended)
  • Replace choke plunger pads, if needed
  • Most assemblies use bulk rebuild parts as needed
  • Replace air cut off valves (if equipped)
  • Rebuild accelerator pump (if equipped)
  • Repairs made and parts replaced (if available) as needed
  • Some assemblies require carb kits
  • New and correct JIS fasteners
  • Optional (free) stainless allen head bolts (some models)
  • Perform any needed repairs - if the carburetor is received un-repairable and we have attempted to repair it, we are not responsible since the starting condition was such that no repair is possible; we do NOT offer refunds but will, of course, rebuild a similar assembly if the customer procures one.
  • Repair small holes in rubber diaphragms new diaphragms EXTRA
  • Refurbish fuel tees/pipes
  • Set float levels
  • Bench sync (see note on this page)
  • Rejet if indicated by your bike's configuration

Paint Removal $80 (note 1)

Paint is removed when we clean.  All of it must come off and this is tedious and time consuming. We highly recommend you not request repainting.  Paint is not durable when it comes in contact with gasoline.


Experience has shown that when a customer disassembles, it creates a storage issue for us as well as parts are generally missing.  The disassembly usually costs us extra hours of work during the rebuild. The only acceptable part to be removed from an assembly is the cable bracket if it is fragile and in danger of breaking during shipping.  All other parts should be where they belong.  

Special Note!  Z1, Z1A or Z1B carburetors that have missing parts will incur a charge for replacement of the parts and this will need to be assessed after getting the carburetors in our possession.  There is no guarantee we will have the parts on hand.  These parts are getting to hard to source.  Sorry.  


Not sure if you have an accelerator pump?  Most of the pumps are on Mikuni carburetor assemblies used on VM22/24, VM26 and VM28 used on KZ650s, KZ1000s from 1978 through 1981.  Please have a look at this link if you are not sure:


Rebuild Service Pricing:
If your carburetor type doesn’t appear below or you are not sure, please send a note to our e-mail for pricing details.
Military rebates are available to honor our service men and women!  Active Duty military, contact us for a rebate.   Details on our Home Page.
Rubber cover for early Z1 choke arm:
We have had a number of replacement covers made and if you want a new cover for your early Z1 choke arm, put a note in the comments field of the Customer Order Form.   There will be an additional $27.50 charge for adding one of these covers and they are only available if you are going to have your set rebuilt (not as a stand-alone purchase). 
Note - Tuning

We bench sync both mechanical slide carbs (such as VM series) and constant velocity carbs (such as CV, CVK, BS, etc)   The bench sync on mechanical slide carbs is pretty accurate.  Constant velocity carb assemblies are not as precise when bench sync-ing.  The reason is that we don't sync the slides but the throttle butterflies.  Once we have them all closed, we open the throttle butterflies with the idle screw and then try to get each throttle butterfly cracked the same amount but this is done by eye.  At idle the throttle butterflies are opened a very slight amount., For this reason, we recommend contstant velocity type carburetors be synchronized using vacuum gauges.  The bike will start and run but will be smoother after synchronizing with gauges.

The other tuning issue is the amount of fuel in the bowl.  We use float height specifications and have found that, floats may have been bent improperly by past mechanics.  Also we have noticed that some aftermarket float needles/seats are slightly different heights than OEM.  This means that minor adjustments to the floats to get the proper amount of fuel in the bowl be made once they are put into use.  This is a normal tuning procedure.  There are some carburetor assemblies that we can not set the fuel level or float height due their configuration such as the Yamaha V4 models such as V-Max, Venture or Royal Star.  The manual states: 1mm below the piston valve center and we don't have the equipment to do this.   We also do not attempt to set the fuel level or float level on carburetors where the engine is canted forward and the float bowl isn't parallel to the ground.  

Z1 VM28 and small displacement four cylinder CB models from the early to mid 70s all with external sync mechanisms often have sticky throttles after rebuilding.  To get the slides sliding when the throttle is opened, take off the tops and squirt some WD40 in each slide.  This will free them up and once the bike is used a bit, the stickiness will not recur.  The sticking is caused by dry slides and slide bores.

Carburetors using brass floats should have the bowls removed after the first use to check to ensure the floats are not picking up gas.  If the float is removed from the bowl and you shake the float, you will be able to hear and feel the gas in the bowl if it has a slow leak.   These floats need to be either repaired by soldering or replaced.  It is hard for us to find bad brass floats since we don't have them immersed in gas for long periods.  Rubber dust covers on some older assemblies are not included in the rebuild price and if available, we can give you a quote on new rubber dust covers.  These rubber dust covers often deteriorate with age and can't be removed without damaging them.

This is part of the tuning process.  Thanks- wg


XV700/750 1984-87
XV750 1981-83 and 1988-97
XS750/850 (triple) (Hitachi) 1977-81
                                (Mikuni)  $439
XV920/1000/1100 (all years)
XJ550/650 Maxim, Midnight Maxim, Seca 1980-83
XS360/XS400/XS500/XS650/TX500 (all years)
YX600 Radian/FZ600 1986-90
XJ700 (Hitachi) 1985-86
XJ700 (Mikuni) 1985-86
SR250 (all years)
XJ750/900 Maxim, Seca 1981-83
XT500/SR500 1978-79 - 1980 XT/SR-550/600
RD250/350/400 & RZ350 All years
Venture/VMax/Royal Star All models/years
XS1100/XJ1100/FJ1100/FJ1200 (all years )
XV535 Virago 1990-97 - parts very expensive

We DO NOT rebuild Goldwing or V4 carburetor assemblies. Visit Mike Nixon's website for very professional rebuild service for those assemblies.  See our LINKS tab for his website.

CL72/CL77 (all) CB/CL350
CB350F 1972-74
CB/CL/CJ360 (all models) 1974-79
CB400F 1974-77
CB400T 1978-81
CM400 (all years/models)
CB/CL450 1968-74
CM450E/CM450C/CB450SC/CMX450 all years
CB500/550 (all years and models)
CX500/GL500 (all years)
CB550K 1974-78
CX650/GL650 (all years)
CB650 1979-80
CB650 1981-82
CB650SC/CB750SC 1982
CB550SC/650SC/700SC Nighthawk 1983/84
CB750 1969-76 (all models)
CB750 1977-78 (all models)
CB750/900/1000 1979-83 (all models)
CB1100F 1983


GS300/400/425/450 (all years)
GT380 1972-74 (3 individual carburetors)
GT380/550 1974-77 (new rubber sync covers, if needed)
GT750 (all years) $439
GS550 1977-79 (VM series)
GS550 1980-82 (BS series)
GS750/850/1000 1977-79 (VM series)
VX800 (all years)
GS650/700/750/850/1000/1100/1150 1980-86 (BS)
GSX & GSX-R (all years/models) except 86-88
GSX-R1100 1986-88 ($489)          G
Bandit (all displacements/models) $439



KZ250 1980-81
KZ305 (all years)
KZ400 (all years)
KZ440 1980-83
EN450/500/EX500 (all years)
KZ550 (all models) (TK22) 1980-83 $389
GPz550H1-H2/KZ550A4/KZ550F1-F2 1982-84 (TK26/27) $439
ZX550A1/A2 1984-85 (TK27)
KZ650 (all models) 1977-78
KZ650 (all models) 1979-81 $419
KZ650 (all models) 1982-83 (BS series) $439
KZ750B/G/M/K  (all years - twin cylinder) $309
Z1, Z1A, Z1B 1972-75 $489
KZ900 (all models) 1976-77 $389
ZX900A1-A2 1984-85 $439
KZ1000 (all models) 1977-78 $389
KZ1000 (all models) 1979-80 $419
KZ1000C4 1981 $419
ZG1000 Concours (all years) $439
ZG1200B Voyager (all years) $439
KZ1300 (all years) $699
VN1500A/B/C (twin carb) VN700/750 (all years) $349
VN800A/B/C/E 1995-04 $249
VN1500 (all single carb models)  $199
H1/H2/S1/S2/S3/KH250/KH400 (triples, all years)
KZ750E1-E3, KZ750F1 LTD, KZ750H1-H4, KZ750N1/N2 $439
ZN700A1-A2 1984-85 (Keihin CV34) $439
KZ1000J1/J2 1981-82, KZ1000R1/R2 1981-82 *See note 1
KZ1000P 1982-2005, ZN1100B1 1984, GPz750R1 1982 $439
KZ1000K1-K2 1981-82, KZ1000 CSR 1982, KZ700A1 1984 $439
KZ1100A1-A3 1981-83,  KZ1000D1-D3 Spectre 1981-83 $439
ZX750A1-A2 1983-84 $439

Mikuni Smoothbore VM29/VM33 (any model)..................$419
Note: We DO repair stripped jet blocks as part of any rebuild.  If brass floats are bad, the cost for new floats is $35 each and other parts that need to be replaced (other than normal rebuild parts) will be charged on a per unit basis as we must buy most of these rather than replace from our used parts cache.   Jet block and slide replacement are extra and if you need to replace a single carb body, it will cost $125 in addition to the rebuild cost.   We sometimes have them available for replacments.

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