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Do you need a fresh carburetor assembly for your bike?  We STOCK many Mikuni VM series and BS series carburetors to fit most years and models of both Kawasaki and Suzuki classic four cylinder motorcycles.  Once we receive payment for a set of carburetors, the order is entered into the work queue and build your assembly when your order comes up in the queue.  Work orders are undertaken and completed in the order payment is received.  WE DO NOT have finished sets of carburetors waiting for shipment as every set completed is sold immediately.

If we don't stock a core set for your year/model, we can usually pick one up.  If we pick up a set, we collect a charge for acquiring the set but waive any core fee.  Please contact us for a quote if your year/model is not listed below.   If not listed below, we bench synchronize and set float level(s) and do not provide on-bike tuning.   To set pricing, we use the estimated core acquisition price plus shipping plus our rebuild cost to compute the total sale price.

Also please note that there are instances where we can not provide an exact year, make and model replacement but will provide a carburetor with the same cylinder spacing and type as your original carburetor.   The carburetor you purchase will work with your model.  Often jetting is different and jetting is relative to the carburetor assembly more than your bike model.  For instance, the VM26 assembly from a 1976 KZ900A will work fine on a 1980 KZ1000A and we jet this carburetor assembly similarly to what was used from the factory for the 1976 model.  This is because the jet needle/needle jet combinaton and air jets were tuned for the factory main and pilot jets.  


Military, LEO and Firefighter discounts are available to honor our service men and women! See details on our home page.


We require a one for one core exchange when you purchase one of our assemblies. The core set must be rebuildable and fully assembled.  If you have no core to exchange or prefer to keep your core, we will collect a core fee.  If  you purchase a set of carburetors, we hold shipment until either a core deposit is paid or we receive the core exchange set.  Sorry we have to do it this way. We will promptly refund any core deposit paid once the core set is recieved.

Core fee is $199 except:

Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki (3 or 4 cyl.) BS series (ae BS32 or BS34)  $255
Kawasaki Z1/Z1A $525 (if we have an assembly for sale in our current inventory - core must be Z1/Z1A VM28)
Kawasaki Z1B $500 (if we have an assembly for sale in our current inventory - core must be Z1B or Z1/Z1A)

Sorry about the higher core fee for the VM28SC (Z1, Z1A and Z1B) assemblies but buying core sets has gotten crazy in the past year; they now sell for as much as $1000!


  • Replace air cut off valves (if needed and carbs are equipped)
  • Rebuild accelerator pump (if equipped)
  • New and correct zinc JIS fasteners used
  • Optional (free) stainless Allen head bolts (some models)
  • Perform any needed repairs or replace defective components
  • Repair small holes in rubber diaphragms new diaphragms EXTRA
  • Refurbish fuel tees/pipes
  • Set float levels and bench sync (see note on bench sync below)
  • Rejet, if indicated by your bike's configuration

Note - Bench synchronization and tuning

We bench sync both mechanical slide carbs (such as VM series) and constant velocity carbs (such as CV, CVK, BS, etc)   The bench sync on mechanical slide carbs is pretty accurate.  The constant velocity carbs is not so much so.  The reason is that we don't sync the slides but the throttle butterflies.  Once we have them all closed, we open the throttle butterflies with the idle screw and then try to get each throttle butterfly cracked the same amount but this is done by eye and to idle properly, this crack between venturi and butterfly is very small.  For this reason, we recommend contstant velocity type carburetors be synchronized using vacuum gauges.  The bike will start and run but will be smoother after synchronizing with gauges.

Z1 VM28 and small displacement four cylinder CB models from the early to mid 70s all with external sync mechanisms often have sticky throttles after rebuilding. To get the slides sliding when the throttle is opened, take off the tops and squirt some WD40 in each slide. This will free them up and once the bike is used a bit, the stickiness will not recur. The sticking is caused by dry slides and slide bores.

The other tuning issue is the amount of fuel in the bowl.  We use float height specifications and have found that, floats may have been bent improperly by past mechanics.  Also we have noticed that some aftermarket float needles/seats are slightly different heights than OEM.  This means that minor adjustments to the floats to get the proper amount of fuel in the bowl be made once they are put into use.  This is a normal tuning procedure.

This is part of the tuning process. 


Thanks- wg



Suzuki 1977-79 GS750, GS850, GS1000 (all models)
Kawasaki 1977-78 KZ650 (all models)
Kawasaki 1976-77 KZ900 (all models)
Kawasaki 1977-78 KZ1000 (all models)



Kawasaki 1979-81 KZ650 (all models)
Kawasaki 1979-80 KZ1000 (all models)
Kawasaki 1981 KZ1000C4

Note: 1979 KZ1000B LTD is fitted with Mikuni VM26SS with accelerator pump.  These carburetors are essentially un-tunable and we hesitate to rebuild them because of their poor performance characteristics.  We suggest purchasing either VM26SS with no pump or VM28 with pump to replace these miserable carburetors.  If you insist on us rebuilding your VM26SS w/pump assembly, we will not guarantee the assembly will perform properly.


Kawasaki KZ750E1-E3
Kawasaki KZ750F1 LTD
Kawasaki KZ750H1-H4
Kawasaki ZN700A1/A2

Kawasaki KZ750N1/N2


Mikuni BS Series $524

Suzuki GS700/750 (all models/years)
Suzuki GS850 (all models/years)
Suzuki GS1000 (all models/years)
Suzuki GS1100 (all models/years)
Kawasaki KZ650 (all models/years)
Kawasaki KZ1000 (all models/years)
Kawasaki ZN1100B1 1984
Kawasaki GPz750R1 1982
Kawasaki KZ1100A1-A3 1981-83
Kawasaki ZX750A1-A2 1983-84
Kawasaki KZ700A1 1984


Early VM28SC Z1, Z1A or Z1B

Kawasaki Z1/Z1A VM28SC 1973-74 $889
Kawasaki Z1B VM28SC 1975 $839

Note: See core exchange policy! We must have a core correct for the year you wish to purchase and if you turn in another year, we give you the value of your core but charge you additional if the value is less.  If you purchase either a 1973 or 1974 VM28SC, you can specify which year assembly you desire but we will only guarantee it is a Z1 or Z1A assembly as cores are getting very limited.   If we have the year-correct rebuildable core, we will certainly be happy to use it.   The set you receive will be as correct as possible and suitable for a restoration.


For Kawasaki applications only!  This kit WILL also work with Suzuki applications where your bike was originally fitted with VM26SS carburetors.  The kit will NOT fit with Yamaha or Honda applications we know of.

Converting your VM series carbureted motorcycle to Mikuni BS34 constant velocity carburetors is an economical way to add to the performance of your motorcycle.  BS34 carburetors out perform VM series aftermarket smoothbore racing carburetors in almost all street applications.

While we sell BS34 carburetors on a stand alone basis, many buyers prefer to buy all the needed parts in a "kit" form.  Our kit includes not only the BS34 carburetors but all parts and custom rejetting to make installation is a snap!  See the link on our home page titled "Mikuni BS Carburetor Install" under the "Tech Stuff Index" for step by step instructions for making this conversion.

Note that the throttle cable is the type that screws into your right hand switchgear and is the type used on the KZ1000P (82-05).  The length is appropriate for the majority of Kawasaki models but some modification MAY be needed for some models.  We can not test the throttle cable's appropriateness for every motorcycle model.  Also, be aware that your fuel tank petcock may have clearance issues with BS34 carburetor assemblies and may need to be modified.

(Your old carburetors of any type will work for a core exchange)

Parts Included:

  • Mikuni BS34 Assembly with Custom Rejetting for pods and your pipes!
  • New Emgo brand pod air filters.
  • New Motion Pro throttle cable.
  • New K&L intake manifolds
  • New high-flow fuel filter.
  • Fuel Line.