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George 'wiredgeorge' Lesho Proprietor

219 County Road 2701

Mico, TX USA 78056-5335


Hours: Monday-Friday 9-6 CST -closed weekends & holidays

We will no longer answer calls; leave a message and we will call back because we are getting so many JUNK calls where it rings and the caller hangs up; suspect they are building lists of phone numbers that they sell. LEAVE A MESSAGE AND WE WILL RETURN YOUR CALL!!

Sometimes, email is a problem; include your name and phone number to ensure we can get back to you. We will try to email but if that fails, we will call. Thanks!

We do not sell parts! If you are looking for parts, please see our links page. We CAN NOT provide tech support to non-customers! Join the Vintage Bike Forum. We WILL NOT respond to parts requests information or non-customer tech support requests! wiredgeorge

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