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Current Work Queue - April 19, 2024

I am going to update this list frequently.  We typically ship on  Friday.  The queue may not be visible using some operating systems or browsers such as IOS 16.  If you can't see the queue, find a PC (Windows) or Android device.  Sorry but just can't test on every platform or O/S.  

REFER TO THE CURRENT WORK QUEUE TO SEE WHERE YOUR ORDER IS IN LINE. We do work orders in the order payment for the order was received.  DO NOT ASK US TO UPDATE THE QUEUE. DO OUR BEST TO KEEP IT UPDATED.  We sometimes work single and simple twin carburetor assemblies into the queue early to keep the queue as short as possible.  We also work warranty sets on a priority basis as shipped back to us.  Thanks for your patience. wg

I KNOW you want your carburetors back as quickly as possible but we just won't hurry or rush our work as quality will suffer.  

Last NOTE!!! If you see your name on this list and you owe us a core set of carburetors, ship them immediately so your order's shipment won't be delayed.

Sauerwalt, R. - on bench

Jendrick, D. -warranty work - shipped

  1.  Simpkins, T. 
  2.  Beshear, C.
  3.  Siddens, C.