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 Terms For Purchasing Sale Items

We formerly sold excess inventory on eBay but their pricing structure has become more than it is worth to sell at that auction site. 

Current inventory is for immediate sale.  Please compare our SALE BUY IT NOW price with the same merchandise on our Carburetor Sales page.  Free shipping is included in the sales price within the Continental US;  see our IMPORTANT INFO link for shipping costs outside CONUS. We also DO NOT REQUIRE a core exchange or core fee for any of our SALE items on this page.  This alone can save you quite a bit.  All items on this page are re-manufactured to the same exacting standards as described on our Carburetor Sales page. Items on this page are sold as-is with no exchanges or refunds.

If you wish to purchase a set from this page, please fill out a CUSTOMER ORDER form and note the "Buy it Now Bargain" page in the comments field.  Continental US customers must use PayPal. 


MIKUNI BS34 UPGRADE SPECIAL KIT! Price $579 (no core exchange required and free shipping in continental US!)

For Kawasaki and Suzuki applications only!  This kit WILL work with Suzuki applications where your bike was originally fitted with VM26SS carburetors such as GS750/850/1000.  Be aware the choke (enrichener) knob is on the side of the carb assembly so a choke cable is not needed. The kit will NOT fit with Yamaha or Honda applications.

Converting your VM series carbureted motorcycle to Mikuni BS34 constant velocity carburetors is an economical way to add to performance to your motorcycle.  BS34 carburetors out perform VM series  carburetors in almost all street applications.

Note that the throttle cable is the type that screws into your right hand switchgear and is the type used on the KZ1000P (82-05).  The length is appropriate for the majority of Kawasaki models but some modification MAY be needed for some (especially Suzuki) models.  We can not test the throttle cable's appropriateness for every motorcycle model.  Also, be aware that your fuel tank petcock may have clearance issues with BS34 carburetor assemblies and may need to be modified.

If you wonder what is involved in making this conversion, it is a snap and details are explained here:

Parts Included:

  • Mikuni BS34 Assembly with Custom Rejetting for pods and your pipes!
  • New pod air filters.
  • New Motion Pro throttle cable.
  • New K&L intake manifolds with vacuum caps.
  • New high-flow fuel filter.
  • Fuel Line.